TV Azteca + Telegana
Loyalty points collection app
Live sports audience participation
Watch TV Azteca & earn points
Spend points on products & prizes
Make live in-match predictions
Channels: Azteca 7 & 13
Country: Mexico
App Creation: Nyx Technology / Interactive TV
TV Azteca Telegana Case Study

TV Azteca & Telegana AppMulti-Channel Loyalty Points Collection App with Audience Participation

App developer Nyx Technology in Mexico has a brilliant track record for delivering dynamic content that raises user experience to new levels. The new Telegana app developed by Nyx and launched with TV Azteca is a perfect combination of creative execution and entrepreneurial thinking.

It is a remarkable lesson on how to create value that did not exist before from an opportunity that no one (except Nyx) had yet considered.

TV Azteca is the second largest media company in Mexico, with 31% of the national TV audience share. Azteca is also active in banking, telecoms, cinema, newspapers, stadiums, broadband provision and consumer product sales.

This means that the Azteca group of businesses is uniquely positioned to create a new TV viewer loyalty scheme with many of the rewards being supplied by internal group companies.

  • The Idea

  • Help TV Azteca increase audience share and reward loyal viewers through a points collection loyalty scheme.
  • Loyalty points (“Telepuntos”) can be redeemed against products and services provided by the Azteca group of businesses.
  • Create an exciting new multi-channel TV-companion app that viewers will run to collect their Telepuntos.
  • Add direct interactivity with a variety of TV shows and enable the audience to participate directly in live sports broadcasts.
  • The Challenge

  • Make it possible for viewers to collect one Telepunto for each minute of TV they watch. And make it secure, reliable and cheat-proof.
  • Create an entirely new points redemption ecosystem involving Azteca retail businesses and external partners such as Amazon, Spotify and Netflix.
  • Make it possible for audiences watching live sports to be prompted to submit real-time predictions about the outcome of match-defining moments in mass audience sports such as football and boxing.
  • Make it all seem very simple.
  • The Solution

  • The Intrasonics Heartbeat 24×365 audio watermarking system inserts special codes every 20 seconds into all TV Azteca broadcasts, all day, every day.
  • The Heartbeat codes are picked up by the watermark decoder in the Telegana app. Three codes detected = one minute of viewing = one Telepunto.
  • The Heartbeat watermarking is implemented using Intrasonics real-time encoding (RTE) hardware installed at the broadcast data center.
  • The RTE watermarking hardware can also insert another layer of unique 6 second audio watermark ad-hoc trigger codes.
  • This enables sports commentators to ask the audience questions about what will happen next in a match. They do this simply by clicking a button in a live web interface to the RTE equipment which inserts a unique trigger code that tells the Telegana app to ask the viewer if, for example, a penalty about to be taken will be scored or saved.


The result is an enormously successful and popular multi-channel, multi-show TV companion app that rewards viewers for using it while they watch any show on the Azteca channels. The loyalty points accrue in a wallet for each viewer and they can spend them on a wide range of products and prizes, all within the Telgana app.

Telegana is also a companion app for many shows on the Azteca schedule. For shows such as Masterchef Mexico or The Island, the Telegana app delivers interactivity, voting, trivia quizzes, mini-games and a real sense of participation.

For live sports, the Telegana app takes synchronised TV+app interactivity to a new level. At the click of a button in the web interface to the Intrasonics RTE watermarking equipment, a production assistant at the stadium or at the boxing ring can ask the audience a direct, live question.

They can prompt the audience for what they think will happen next at key moments in a football or boxing match. And no one knows what will happen next because it’s live. If the viewer predicts correctly, guess what? They win more Telpuntos.

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We have a great relationship with Intrasonics. They really understand our business model and brought their extensive knowledge into play to help deliver a truly remarkable success.

David Casillas , Founder & CEO, Nyx Technologies