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Intrasonics Trigger EngineUnique Audio Watermark Codes At Precise Timepoints

Our simplest SDK option is designed to enable audio watermarks to be used as individual triggers, inserted at specific timepoints in audio/video content. You can place as many unique trigger codes as you wish in long form content or you might use just one or two in a short TV advert.

The trigger codes can be used to prompt an app to display new content, unlock a reward, jump to a URL, launch an interactive promotion, start a quiz etc. Or they can be used to trigger nothing at all, perhaps just to log the fact that the user was watching a given TV channel or a certain show or saw a TV ad.

Timepoint Trigger Watermarks

The illustration above shows two different 6s codes, A and B, inserted into an audio track to trigger responses at exactly 00:26 and 01:36 from the start of the content.

Using Trigger Codes For Simple Time Sync

Individual watermark codes can also be used to achieve a precise time sync, allowing the developer to synchronise the app clock with the content and to then govern the app’s behaviour based on a defined list of time-points and events. This approach is often used for simple interactive second screen quizzes and other playalong type apps.

We recommend using multiple time sync watermarks near the start of the content, just in case a user misses the start of the show. Below is an example of using three different time sync codes, allowing three opportunities for an app to achieve perfect sync:

Individual Time Sync Watermarks

We also offer an SDK option that enables continuous watermark encoding and continuous time sync throughout the entire length of the content. See our Event Engine SDK for more about continuous encoding methods.