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Studio: Sony Pictures
App Creation: Trigger
Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Release
Sony PIXELS Case Study

Sony Pictures - PIXELSMovie Play Along App Synchronised With Audio Watermarks

The Pixels movie is all about rekindling the nostalgia of 80’s arcade games like Space Invaders, Donkey Kong and PacMan.

That is probably what drew today’s 40-something Dads to make Pixels a movie to see and to share with their teenage kids.

So it’s not surprising that Sony Pictures chose to create a play along app that cinema audiences, and now home audiences, can run while watching the movie and join in the fight against the alien invaders.

Sony Pixels Play Along App

Trigger Global, the award-winning Los Angeles digital agency, created an app that enabled cinema audiences and viewers watching the PIXELS movie at home (DVD, Bluray, iTunes) to answer quiz questions at various key points in the film, but without distracting viewers’ attention for more than a few moments.

In the two main battle sequences in the film, Centipede and the final battle, the PIXELS app switched to an augmented reality mode so that viewers could point their phones at the screen and and tap their screens to shoot light canons at the alien invaders.

Cooperating Parties


Watermarking the audio streams was fairly straightforward, and was very easy for us to figure out and take care of here in LA.

Anita Brown , Producer, Trigger Global

Because we had good results from a previous project, Intrasonics felt like a natural fit for Pixels. We felt comfortable with the reliability and flexibility of their technology, and we knew we could contact the team if we got stuck.

Perry Wang , VP of Production, Trigger Global