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Country: Norway
App Creation: Try/Apt
SOLO Goodiebag Case Study

Solo GoodiebagAudio Watermarks For Unlocking Loyalty Points

In Norway, Solo is regarded by many as the national soft drink and is certainly Norway’s favourite orange soda.

In March 2015, the combined advertising and creative agency Try/Apt launched a new advertising campaign for Solo and created an entirely new loyalty points scheme called $olo Dollars exclusively for the Solo brand.

Try/Apt created a new app called Solo Goodiebag which users were encouraged to run whenever one of the new Solo commercials was aired on TV, radio or online.

All the commercials were encoded with unique Intrasonics audio trigger codes and the Goodiebag app was equipped with an Intrasonics decoder to pick up the audio codes and reward users with $olo Dollars every time they “checked in” to one of the commercials.

The more $olo Dollars each user collected, the more goodies they could redeem with prizes ranging from free bottles of Solo to Solo merchandise including clothing, hats, bags and even Solo branded headphones.

Users could claim their prizes directly in the app and even try on the merchandise (virtually) by superimposing each item of clothing onto themselves or their friends with the phone camera. Users could then post their favourite photos on Instagram.

Solo Goodiebag App

According to Solo’s marketing director, Joachim Sande, the Goodiebag app has so far had 110,000 downloads and users (he calls them “fans”) have posted over 24,000 images of themselves and their friends that they captured using the app.

Cooperating Parties
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We are very pleased with how this app works for us. We’ve got a new tool to interact with and engage our consumers, while we have a new and unique opportunity to further develop cooperation and win-win situations for our business partners.

Joachim Sande , Marketing Director of Solo