TV Azteca + Telegana
Loyalty points collection app
Live sports audience participation
Watch TV Azteca & earn points
Spend points on products & prizes
Make live in-match predictions
Channels: Azteca 7 & 13
Country: Mexico
App Creation: Nyx Technology / Interactive TV
TV Azteca Telegana Case Study
En Ska Bort (Odd One Out)
Gameshow with Play-Along
Audience 1m
Watch the show on TV
Answer Odd One Out questions
Win SEK1m (€100,000)
Channel: Sweden TV4
Production: ELK Format
App Creation: Netlight
Le Tricheur (Cheat)
Quiz Show with a Twist
Audience 1m
Watch the show on TV
Play along in the app
Identify who’s cheating
Country: Canada
Production: TVA Productions
App Creation: Studio WE ARE
Play Along App
Watch Pixels Movie
Answer Quiz Questions
Shoot the Invaders!
Studio: Sony Pictures
App Creation: Trigger
Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Release
Sony PIXELS Case Study
Solo Goodiebag
130,000 Installs
Loyalty Points Collector
Watch Solo Ads on TV and Online
Earn $OLO Dollars
Get Free Stuff
Country: Norway
App Creation: Try/Apt
SOLO Goodiebag Case Study
KIA Game On
370,000+ Downloads
Synchronised Virtual Tennis
Watch KIA Ads
Return Sam Groth’s Serve
Win a Car
Creative Agency: MNet
Global Mobile Awards 2015 Winner:
KIA Game On Case Study
1m+ Installs
Interactive Cinema App
Play Pre-Movie Quizzes
Compete in Interactive Games
Win Popcorn, Ice Cream & Tickets
Launched in the UK in 2013
Now Active in 7 Countries
TVA Yoopa
L’Académie Secrète
Educational Companion App
Ask Detective Steve Questions
Play Games & Gather Clues
Learn & Have Fun
Production: Trio Orange
App Creation: Groupe TVA
Antiques Roadshow
Playalong Valuation Game
Watch the Show on TV
Predict the Valuations
Compete with Friends & Family
The BBC’s First Synchronised
Second Screen Playalong
Fastest Quiz In The World
Rapid Fire Quiz Playalong
Watch for Quiz Questions in Ad Breaks
Answer as Fast as Possible
Win a Chance to be on TV
Agency: TBWA
App Build: In The Pocket
Channel4 Facejacker
70,000 App Sales
Comedy Show Loyalty App
Watch Facejacker on C4
Run the app
Unlock bonus content
Production: Hat Trick
App Creation: Widebeam Digital
Instant Cash
Playalong Gameshow App
Watch Instant Cash
Answer Questions
Climb the Leaderboard
App Creation: Turbulent
Production: Cineflix
MTV España
Gandia Shore
Reality TV Companion App
Watch Gandia Shore on MTV
Unlock Exclusive Content
Engage with the Stars of the Show
App Creation: Moderna
Production: Magnolia TV
On Showcase
Drama Show Companion App
Watch Copper on TV & Run the App
Explore Interactive Storylines
Learn about NYC in the 1860s
App Creation: Invoke
Production: Cineflix / BBC America
Antena 3 ANT3.0
700,000+ Installs
Multi-Show Companion App
Interact with Talk Show El Homiguero
Watch Luna and Solve Mysteries
Get Exclusive Content with Los Protegidos
World’s First Cross-Schedule App
9m+ Items of Content Delivered

Audio Watermarking For Synchronised AppsTimepoint Triggers, ACR & Sync

Since 2011, we’ve been providing our SDKs for iOS and Android and our audio watermark encoding tools to broadcasters, production companies, advertising agencies and creative app developers all over the world.

We’ve been delighted to see a wide variety of very successful app deployments in which our technology has enabled all kinds of second screen interactivity with broadcast TV shows, TV and cinema ads and even at live events.

We are continually developing and refining our SDKs to make it as easy as possible for customers to work with our technology and also to enable ever more creative freedom and technical possibilities.

Interactive TV Apps

Second screen apps for TV are much more engaging when the app is automatically in tune with the content on the screen. Our audio watermark Trigger Engine can be used to prompt an app to display new content, unlock a reward, request an opinion, jump to a URL, launch an interactive promotion, start a quiz etc.

Playalong Gameshow Apps

For second screen apps that need to play along in perfect sync with a TV show, our Event Engine continuous encoding method enables an app to synchronise with a show and to stay in sync throughout. All interactive app behavior is governed by the app’s internal clock according to a pre-defined event list.

Channel Apps

A channel app is a second screen app that provides a variety of show-specific interactivity for multiple shows in the schedule of an entire TV channel or family of channels. Our Heartbeat Engine SDK and our Real-Time Encoders are the ideal way to enable a channel app to recognise what is being watched.

Interactive Advertising

For advertisers, the cost of adding a second screen experience to a TV campaign is small compared to the overall campaign cost but can significantly increase audience engagement and natural social media activity. The most successful examples involve adding a competitive or gaming aspect, encouraging viewers to want to see your ad again (and again).

Companion Apps For Radio

People watch individual TV shows but they listen to whole radio stations, sometimes all day. Obviously, a companion app for radio isn’t really a second screen app, but live radio needs a screen. Our Real-Time Encoders can be used to send URLs to apps by inserting Trigger Engine codes into live radio at the click of a button in a web interface in the studio or control room.

Conferences & Live Events

For conferences and live events, audio watermark triggers inserted into pre-recorded videos or inserted live and in real time during the event can add an entirely new dimension for delegates and fans. Our technology has been used successfully in conference halls, auditoriums, sports arenas and stadiums.