Some Of Our Valued CustomersAnd What They Say About Us

Production Companies:

The Game On app will really enhance consumer enjoyment of the Tennis at home in a way that has never been done before. And of course, such an innovative and technologically advanced idea matches perfectly with Kia’s core brand values.

Tony Barlow , Chief Operating Officer, Kia Australia

I’ve got people waiting to watch my ads and paying full attention, rather than just being part of a normal commercial break when people typically try to avoid ads.

Steve Watt , GM Marketing, KIA Australia

At this stage there are more than 100,000 people in Australia continually playing Kia Game On. It shows how mobile is the ultimate media channel to drive immediacy and frequency of people’s interaction with a brand.

Travis Johnson , CEO, MNet

Set the benchmark for TV integration!

Yahoo 7

The new app is great fun, I love guessing the values of objects, I only wish I got it right more often! Now that you can play on smart phones and tablets, the world of antiques is certainly not stuck in the past.

Fiona Bruce , Presenter, BBC Antiques Roadshow

We’re delighted to welcome the companion screen experience to the Antiques Roadshow. Now our viewers will be able to really test their skills at playing the valuation guessing game and seeing how well they do against the rest of the nation.

Simon Shaw , Executive Producer, BBC Antiques Roadshow

We wanted our first live and synchronous companion experience to appeal to a mainstream audience and create a real event in the living room for families across the UK – the Antiques Roadshow mobile app does just that.

Victoria Jaye , BBC Head of IPTV and TV Online

We are thrilled to have delivered our first ever second screen project to Channel Four in Facejacker. This exciting new app takes advantage of brand new technology; we’re hoping that with the innovative addition of the audio codes we can build on and exceed the success of the previous app.

Jonathan Davenport , Head of Digital, Hat Trick Productions

We’ve found a way of taking the hottest technology available right now and used it to create one of the most ridiculous apps you’ll find in the app store. We hope viewers will have a lot of fun tracking down all the audio triggers.

Jody Smith , Multiplatform Commissioning Editor, Channel 4

When we saw that our users were baffled about the way that the app ran in perfect sync with the television, we knew we had a hit on our hands. This created the kind of magic that gets people excited.

Jeroen Lemaire , Managing Partner, In The Pocket

It’s important for us as a broadcaster to think about how we engage with our viewers across all screens. In the connected world, we need to create the best TV experiences for them no matter where they are.

Carl Read , Digital Leader, Channel 4

What the market needs is solutions that encourage viewers to engage with what’s on the main TV rather than the unrelated content on their mobile or tablet. Intrasonics is delivering some of the most innovative solutions we’ve seen to date so it’s great to be working with them to create solutions that can actually make that happen.

Tom Cape , CEO, Capablue

It’s indicative of the shift the TV industry is making and how innovative these projects are becoming…What’s apparent is not only how entertaining this content is, but also how effective it can be in conjuring up valuable data and – that magic word – revenue.

Lisa Campbell , Editor, Broadcast Magazine

The success of MTV Xtra reconfirms the value of second screen as a tool to enrich the consumer experience of our audience TV.

Jorge Conde , Director Of Mobile Services, Viacom Spain

The Instant Cash App is an incredible tool to increase audience engagement while watching the show. We are thrilled to collaborate with our partners at Shaw Media in offering innovative content opportunities that enhance the viewing experience.

Meredith Duncan , Head of Digital, Cineflix Productions

The opportunities we foresee with this technology really are limitless; it enables us and our clients to take audience engagement to the next level.

Michiel de Gooijer , Mobile Director, Lost Boys International

There’s massive potential to get closer to our viewers, and we’re delighted to be the first broadcaster in the world to be using this approach.

Francisco Sierra , Content Director, Antena 3

Increased engagement with our audiences is absolutely central to our goals. We’re blown away by the potential of content-driven interactivity.

Dante Cacciatore , Brand and Advertising Manager, Telefónica