July, 2021

  • Broadcast Watermarking - Why Broadcasters Should Be Using This Watermark Technology

    One of the most effective ways for broadcasters to track their content is through broadcast audio watermarking. But, what is broadcast watermarking and is it the same thing as broadcast monitoring?

    In the following post, we are going to look at this subject in greater detail, so that you not only understand what broadcast watermarking is but how and why it should be used…

  • What is Forensic Watermarking? Everything You Need to Know

    Piracy and the illegal use and distribution of content is a massive threat to the creators, owners and distributors of original content.

    For a snapshot understanding of the issue, you only need to consider that during 2017, illegal music sites were receiving a total of 100 billion visits.

    Forensic watermarking is one of the most comprehensive and effective forms of protection against piracy and the illegal use, download and distribution of digital content in all its forms. What is forensic watermarking, and who can benefit from it?

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