Helping research companies gain insights from the consumption of TV, VOD, advertising and radio…

Proven Expertise in Research

Intrasonics has more than ten years’ experience in facilitating panel-based audience research studies, providing a full end-to-end technical solution including watermark embedding, full Android/iOS/web apps as well as back-end data collection. Audio recognition is performed using a dual watermarking/audio matching solution.

Unambiguous Identification

Intrasonics facilitates a thorough understanding of consumer media consumption. Intrasonics’ unique watermarking methods are compatible with all platforms, whether terrestrial or over IP, VOD or live, and independent of audio compression techniques. Using our watermarks, our customers can uniquely identify the content source and transmission medium even if the same content is distributed in several ways.

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Use Cases

Using audio recognition to better understand your customers

Audience Research

Build national or regional understanding of media consumption over a wide range of media.

Advertising exposure

How often, and through which media, does your target audience get exposed to your advertising? And how does this compare to your competitors?

Content Reach

How often is your media shared on social media?


Build customer loyalty by measuring the interests of your customers and offering content and rewards tailored to them.

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