Le Tricheur (Cheat)
Quiz Show with a Twist
Audience 1m
Watch the show on TV
Play along in the app
Identify who’s cheating
Country: Canada
Production: TVA Productions
App Creation: Studio WE ARE

TVA Canada - Le Tricheur (The Cheat)Event Engine Watermarking for Continuous Play Along Sync

Le Tricheur (The Cheat) is a very popular and long running gameshow produced and broadcast by TVA in Quebec. The show started in 2012 and is aired on weekday evenings, 5 days a week, for 35 weeks every year. It has a regular audience of circa 1m viewers.

Every week, five new studio contestants compete each evening of the week in a studio-based general knowledge quiz, but a quiz with a twist. Each evening, one of the contestants is cheating and has access to all the answers but they can only win if they are not exposed by the other contestants as the cheat.

The contestants play for money and all their winnings are donated to their chosen charities. To date, the show has raised CA$1.95m for good causes.

Le Tricheur (The Cheat)

From the start, Le Tricheur had a play-along app which enabled the audience at home to answer the quiz questions (for fun) and to guess who is the cheat. For the first 4 years, the app used network sync which meant the audience could only play along at the time of the broadcast.

But TVA wanted audience members to be able to record the show and play along in their own time or to be able to play along with the weekly repeats.

For the 2016 season of the show, TVA commissioned a new version of the Tricheur app which uses the Intrasonics Event Engine to keep the app in sync throughout the show regardless of whether the user is watching the primary broadcast or watching on catch-up.

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