Meet Wall•E
Our Interactive Toy Demo
We found him on eBay
He was not much fun
Until we gave him our decoder chip
Now he’s full of surprises
Wall•E & The Wall•E Movie © Disney/Pixar

Interactive Toys, Mascots & Electronic DevicesUsing Audio Watermarking to Create Audio-Responsive Toys

Imagine being able to synchronise the behaviour of interactive, merchandised toys with the TV shows and movies in which the toy is the star. Intrasonics makes this possible.

Smartphones are not the only devices that can decode Intrasonics audio watermarks. The unique way in which we embed hidden data bits in audio means that our decoding algorithms are extremely light touch. They use hardly any processing power so we can port our decoder to run on tiny, low-cost microcontroller chips.

We have developed our own custom hardware modules which can be used for prototyping and demos. In our labs we have fully working demonstrations of animatronic toys whose behaviour can be synchronised with events occurring in broadcast, streamed or DVD content.

For manufacturers, we provide reference designs, static decoder libraries and expert advice to enable mass production with complete freedom on the choice of components.

From Dora The Explorer to Buzz Lightyear, merchandised toys are big business. Smart interactive toys are much more engaging for kids and, with Intrasonics technology, manufacturers can go much further.

From fun quiz games to educational applications or interactive storytelling, our audio watermarking technology opens up a world of adventure and opportunity.

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