“Beyond second-screen”

Give your audience what they are looking for through Hyperchannel, the interactive second-screen solution designed to deliver value and measure success.

Modular App

Team up with us to build your own bespoke channel-app on the Hyperchannel platform. With Hyperchannel you can pick and choose from our out-of-the-box modules to build your ideal app. Whether it’s interactive quizzes, shop-links or give-aways, our solution gives you everything to enrich the lives of your audience, unlocking exclusive content from the comfort of their own homes. Hyperchannel is compatible with all platforms, whether it is TV, VOD, Radio or IP, and all content whether clips, shows or advertising.

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Enrich your Content

Hyperchannel Publisher, our online encoding tool, allows creators to add audio triggers to present information and interactivity at the times of most impact.

Your second screen content is distributed to users of the app automatically and even works offline.

Available Modules


Beyond the second-screen. Redesign the experience of interactive TV, or revamp existing content using Hyperchannel. Hyperchannel allows extremely accurate synchronisation between the app and your content, allowing you to challenge or inform your users at exactly the right moment.

Loyalty & Quizzes

Hyperchannel creates an interactive gateway between you and your audiences by offering personalised reward give-aways. Through interactive quizzes, our solution can increase audience interaction by inviting viewers to take part in customised trivia games, keeping viewers thoroughly engaged in your content even during commercial breaks.

Advertising & Shop-Link

Grow your advertising revenues and brand exposure. Interact directly and personally with audiences through sponsored companion content. Our audio watermarks can identify conversions by seamlessly tracking passive and active audience interaction. Increase online purchase intention by delivering a prompt to the user’s device, reducing sales friction, and by allowing personal follow-up opportunities.


Get to know your audience and discover how successful your shop-links/ads are. Using our solutions, collect valuable information about your audience. Measure success, deliver value.

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