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How it Works

Using Intrasonics software, inaudible sounds are added to audio and video content in an encoding process called Audio Watermarking.

The Intrasonics decoder listens via a microphone extracting data from the watermarks it hears. Fully documented SDKs are available for Android, iOS and Javascript.

Your app or website is programmed to respond to watermarks in exciting and engaging ways. We provide some full examples in each SDK on which you can base your project.

Intrasonics’ multi-patented technology, adds special patterns of tiny echoes to audio in a process called encoding.

These echoes, while comfortably in the range of human hearing, go unnoticed by our brains but can be easily detected and decoded as information by a computer.

Mobile devices with microphones run a software decoder to trigger interactivity when particular patterns of echoes called a watermark.

Watermarks can be used to uniquely identify audio and video content or synchronise interactions across a range of platforms including toys, mobile apps and websites.

Our decoding algorithms are highly robust and tolerant to noise. Intrasonics watermarks survive significant compression, continuing to work when uploaded to sites like YouTube where very high frequencies are stripped from the audio - a problem for some of our competitors.

Our Solutions

Intrasonics provide all the hardware, software, support and advice you need for your project


Intrasonics Real-Time Encoders are in use by 
TV and Radio Broadcasters around the world, enabling audience measurement and second screen interactions.

Our Hardware Development kit provides a reference platform for embedded customers.


The Intrasonics Decoder has been written to be as small and efficient as possible and runs well on low-powered embedded hardware.  

Our command-line Encoder has been successfully integrated into various media publishing workflows.


Our Mobile SDKs are available for iOS and Android.  

We also have a Javascript Decoder which works in all modern desktop and mobile browsers.

Cloud-based Tools

Our web-based Developer Portal, 
Cloud Encoder and Content Creator tools help our customers get the best from Intrasonics technology using simple web interfaces.

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