Intrasonics Heartbeat Engine24x365 Continuous Watermarking For TV Channels

Our Heartbeat Engine is for broadcasters who want to encode entire TV channels 24×365 with continuous audio watermarks that carry Channel ID and date/time data. This is to enable apps to detect what content is being watched, on which channel, exactly when and for how long.

The advantages of doing this are numerous. The Heartbeat watermarking can be used to gain insights into audience behaviour, to measure loyalty and depth of viewing and to log exposure to anything broadcast, including commercials.

Heartbeat watermarking can also be used to drive second screen interactivity with triggering and sync based on the broadcast schedule and the precise date and time. It can also enable audience check-in and TV show bookmarking. It is ideal for channel apps but can also be used for any show-specific app.

Technical Implementation

The Heartbeat Engine is a broadcast-grade product and the watermark encoding is implemented using our Real-Time Encoder (RTE) hardware, installed in the broadcast/streaming chain.

From an app point of view, the decoding of Heartbeat watermarks is similar to decoding our basic trigger codes or our event engine codes. It requires our iOS and Android SDKs with Heartbeat Engine enabled.

The Heartbeat watermarking scheme uses a completely different echo modulation to our watermarking schemes for Trigger Engine and Event Engine. These different schemes can co-exist without interference, so it’s possible to have two layers of watermarking and apps that can respond to either or to both at the same time.

With Heartbeat, Date/Time codes are inserted continuously into the broadcast (or streamed) content.

Heartbeat Engine Continuous Encoding

The Heartbeat watermarking starts at 00:00 on January 1st and runs continuously until 00:00 on December 31st, when it recycles for the next year. Each Date/Time codes is 20 seconds long and includes a unique Channel ID to identify the TV channel or radio station as well as the exact date and time. In a calendar year (366 days) there are circa 1.6M date/time codes used in the Heartbeat scheme.

We offer a variety of other cycle periods (24hr, 7 day, 31 day etc.) and we’re happy to tailor these to suit customer requirements.