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Agency: TBWA
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SBS VIER - The Fastest Quiz In The WorldAudio Watermarks For Precise Time Sync

When SBS Belgium launched its new TV channel, VIER, the flagship show on the new channel’s schedule was a quiz show called “The Smartest Person In The World” (“De Slimste Mens ter Wereld”).

Consumer Broadband provider, Telenet, engaged ad agency TBWA to create a new campaign whose emphasis was to be all about speed. Telenet wanted to sponsor The Smartest Person quiz on VIER. And at the same time, SBS wanted to do something to make commercial breaks fun to watch.

TBWA worked with leading Belgian app developer, In The Pocket, to create a remarkable new concept: a second screen app that let viewers at home answer rapid-fire questions that would appear in between the commercials in the ad breaks of The Smartest Person quiz.

In each ad break, quiz questions appeared between the main ads for just 6 seconds each. Viewers at home running the Fastest Quiz app would have to submit ABC answers from within the app as quickly as possible (within a couple of seconds).

SBS Fastest Quiz App

This not only made the gameshow audience take much more notice of Telenet’s sponsorship, it also made viewers devote all their attention to all the commercials in the break.

SBS and In The Pocket used Intrasonics audio watermarks to synchronise precisely the Fastest Quiz app with the broadcast quiz questions.

This is the only way to calibrate the variable broadcast delay (DTT vs. Satellite vs. Cable transmission time differences) to ensure that all players had an equal chance by being in perfect sync with what was being shown on their TV, rather than relying on the time at the broadcaster.

The Fastest Quiz competition ran every day for 39 days, with the app attracting 135,000 downloads. On average, every day, there were 9,500 viewers playing and In The Pocket successfully ran server systems capable of handling up to 10,000 simultaneous answer submissions per quiz question.

Cooperating Parties
SBS Belgium
In The Pocket

When we saw that our users were baffled about the way that the app ran in perfect sync with the television, we knew we had a hit on our hands. This created the kind of magic that gets people excited.

Jeroen Lemaire , Managing Partner, In The Pocket