Le Tricheur (Cheat)
Quiz Show with a Twist
Audience 1m
Watch the show on TV
Play along in the app
Identify who’s cheating
Country: Canada
Production: TVA Productions
App Creation: Studio WE ARE

Intrasonics Event Engine (Version 2.0)Continuous Watermarking For Content ID & Time Sync

Our new Event Engine v2 SDK is designed to enable precise and continuous time synchronisation for second screen apps so that audiences can play along with fast-moving gameshows and quiz shows.

It is also an effective (and low cost) solution for situations in which a large number of different events need to be triggered within a synchronised app during a TV show, or in which triggered events need to happen in rapid succession.

With our Event Engine SDK, instead of inserting individual watermark codes as triggers at specific time-points in the content of a show or a movie, the content is encoded continuously from start to finish.

This enables developers to create apps that stay in perfect sync with a show and to govern all interactivity based on the app’s internal clock. The Event Engine method can detect viewer pausing and can automatically re-synchronise in 6 seconds following ad breaks. It is also immune to variable reception delays caused by different broadcast systems (DTT, satellite, cable, IPTV).

Event Engine Continuous Encoding

Combined Content ID and Time Sync watermarks are inserted every 6s from the start of the show. These codes serve as a “metronome” so that a synchronised app is continually reminded which show (or which episode of a series) is being watched and exactly how long it’s been since the start of the show.

With the Event Engine, developers can create an XML Event List. This is a list of precise time-points in a TV show and instructions for what the app should do at those times.