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Register with Intrasonics Portal to download and try out our SDK, access code samples, documentation and more.

Integrate our iOS and Android SDKs to make your Apps respond to Audio Watermarks

Intrasonics SDKs allow your app, website or embedded device to respond to inaudible triggers encoded in audio and video content (read more about How it Works).

Intrasonics offer SDKs for Android and iOS mobile platforms and a Javascript Decoder that works in the latest browsers.  We have a Hardware SDK that provides a reference design for embedded use.  And, if your needs are more specific, we can license our core technology to you as a static library.

Our SDKs include all the components you need to encode our audio watermarks into your content and to integrate our watermark decoders.  

We provide full documentation and sample code to help you get started and our support team are always on hand to provide professional advice and assistance to our commercial customers.


The Intrasonics SDK is free to try out on your own local machine and test devices.

To use the SDK in production (in your published app, on your own public website, or in embedded hardware) you must sign a commercial license with Intrasonics.

Our pricing is dependent on the nature and scope of your project. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Intrasonics Portal

We provide access to all the component parts of our SDKs through a secure Developer Portal. This allows any developer to register and request a free trial and it also serves as a resource and support centre for all our customers.  Register Now...

Decoder Libraries

Our audio watermark decoder libraries for iOS and Android are available for developers to download from our Developer Portal. These can be integrated very easily into any app and, with a suitable licence token, can decode a range of unique audio watermark codes.

Encoding Tools

Our SDKs include powerful audio watermark encoding software for OSX, Windows and Linux for the insertion of watermark codes into audio and video content. The software enables precise placement of audio triggers at defined time points and also offers a variety of options for continuous time-sync encoding.

Sample App Code

Our Developer Portal has a selection of example app source code for iOS and Android. The example apps can be built out of the box and the code has been made as simple as possible to illustrate the bare minimum of coding necessary for an app to respond to audio watermarks.

Sample Content

We also include a library of sample audio/video content, both in its original form and encoded in various ways with audio watermarks. This helps developers check that their apps are picking up watermark codes correctly and it allows controlled listening tests for (non) audibility of our echo modulation.

Docs & Support

Our Developer portal includes comprehensive documentation for all the components of our SDKs and, for commercial customers, we provide professional support, guidance and advice to ensure that every deployment makes the best possible use of the technology.

Have a project in mind ?  Contact us to discuss now.

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