Users make an estimated 300 billion visits to internet piracy sites. That’s about 10,000 visits per second, which amounts to 8x more page views than Netflix! **

Maximise the value of your content

Our forensic watermarking solutions can track and trace the (illegal) use of your copyrighted material, maximising the value of your assets.

  • Measure Content Popularity
    Track your content as it gets distributed over the internet, allowing you to track content (re)distribution and social media (re)sharing (including edited versions or extracts).

  • Track distributor leakage
    Track your content on a per-distributor basis, allowing you to trace leaks back to a specific distributor.

  • Track licensee redistribution
    Integrating a licensee watermark into your content allows you to track redistribution of subscriber content. This can quickly and accurately identify pirates that re-distribute your content.

Content never leaves your premises

Intrasonics’ forensic solutions seamlessly integrate imperceptible watermarks into your workflow, on your premises. We offer the tools that allow you to integrate forensic marks within your systems, without having to send your precious content back and forth to third parties. Get in touch to discuss how we can take the effort out of watermarking for you.

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Special patterns of tiny echoes are added to audio as watermarks


Legal/Illegal social media, P2P, streaming websites are continuously monitored

Detect & Report

Watermarks go unnoticed by our brains but are detected by software


When illegal distribution is detected, perform countermeasures

Win the fight against piracy

Our forensic watermarking software is a leading audio solution tackling pirate eco-systems and protecting legitimate services against the effects of stolen content.

Key Features

  • Detect within seconds
  • No added noise
  • Robust to the most advanced pirate attacks

Content Types

  • Music
  • Audiobooks
  • Podcasts
  • Commentaries
  • Sports


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