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Cineflix - Instant CashAudio Watermarks For Precise Time Sync

Cineflix and Shaw Media launched an interactive companion app for their Instant Cash TV show, using Intrasonics audio codes to synchronise the app with the show. The new app marked the first time North America viewers could play along with a TV game show in real time and in perfect sync using their mobile devices.

The Instant Cash show format involved placing a fake ATM machine in public spaces such as shopping centres. Unsuspecting members of the public attempting to withdraw cash from the ATM suddenly found themselves becoming TV gameshow contestants, answering trivia questions and attempting a variety of challenges, often requiring interacting with other members of the public and being followed by cameras and spotlights.

The precise time synchronisation of the app with the broadcast show was made possible using the Intrasonics Event Engine continuous watermark encoding scheme. This method allows playalong behaviour to be governed using a synchronised internal clock but with the ability to cope with multiple ad breaks, with the app re-synchronising at the start of each show segment.

Cineflix Instant Cash App

By downloading the free Instant Cash Trivia App at and tuning into the broadcast, viewers at home could interact with and engage with the show affording them a multiplatform gaming experience.

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The Instant Cash App is an incredible tool to increase audience engagement while watching the show. We are thrilled to collaborate with our partners at Shaw Media in offering innovative content opportunities that enhance the viewing experience.

Meredith Duncan , Head of Digital, Cineflix Productions