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App Creation: Invoke
Production: Cineflix / BBC America

Cinexflix / BBC America - CopperSecond Screen Content Triggered By Audio Watermarks

Copper is a crime drama series set in the Five Points neighbourhood of New York City in the 1860s. The show was produced by Cineflix Studios and BBC America and aired in Canada on Shaw Media’s Showcase channel.

With funding support from the Quebecor Fund, Cineflix engaged Vancouver-based creative agency Invoke to create a second screen companion app for Copper with a brief that demanded an immersive experience for the audience.

Cineflix and Invoke chose Intrasonics audio watermarking technology to enable the Copper app to become “content aware”, i.e. to be able automatically to tell which episode of Copper a viewer was watching and exactly which scene at any time.

Copper Companion App

By picking up Intrasonics audio triggers at various points throughout each episode, the Copper app was able to offer interactive branching storylines and a rich variety of historical insights into life in post Civil War New York in the 1860s, including fascinating articles on a wide range of subjects.

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