Audio Code LicensingCommercial Model For Consumer Apps

For consumer applications such as second screen apps and interactive toys, our audio watermarks consist of a fixed number of data bits transmitted within a fixed time. These bursts of bits are what we call “codes”. It’s simpler to think of these codes as large and unique decimal numbers.

We have a spectrum of codes which we licence in small blocks to our customers on an exclusive basis so that there is never a conflict with multiple customers using the same codes.

Each watermark code we licence to a customer can be inserted into audio or audio+video content to trigger a smartphone or tablet app to respond to an event at a specific time point. Some customers require only a few of these codes, some require hundreds, depending on how many unique trigger events are needed.

Pricing for Unique Audio Trigger Codes

We charge a fee for providing a solution with as many individual and unique Trigger Codes as may be required and this fixed price includes a technology licence and a priority support component. Pricing varies according to the application area and differs for TV, radio, web-stream, live events, outdoor (parks, stadiums etc.). Contact us to find out more.

Pricing for Event Engine

To use our Event Engine SDK to enable an audience to play along with a TV show in perfect sync, you need our Event Engine timing codes (non-exclusive licence) and one unique (exclusive licence) Episode ID per episode of the show you’re making. See our Event Engine summary for details.

The Event Engine base licence covers one show title with unlimited audience size and for as many episodes as you wish.

Event Engine Base Licence


(Per Show Title)
  • Unlimited Audience

Episode IDs


(Per Episode)
  • One Required per Episode

Pricing for Heartbeat Engine Codes

Our Heartbeat Engine solution is for broadcasters who need to encode entire TV channels 24×365 with alternating Channel ID codes and date/time codes.

Pricing for the Heartbeat Engine is dependent on how many channels are to be encoded. To discuss requirements and costs, please contact us.