Antena 3 ANT3.0
700,000+ Installs
Multi-Show Companion App
Interact with Talk Show El Homiguero
Watch Luna and Solve Mysteries
Get Exclusive Content with Los Protegidos
World’s First Cross-Schedule App
9m+ Items of Content Delivered

Antena 3 - ANT3.0 Multi-Show Companion AppReal Time Watermarking For Live Shows

Spanish broadcaster Antena 3 launched the world’s first cross-schedule second screen app, ANT3.0, to enable audiences to interact and engage with multiple shows on the Antena 3 schedule.

The first Antena 3 show to employ Intrasonics audio watermark codes to keep the ANT3.0 app in sync and to trigger exclusive bonus content delivery was the live talk show El Hormigeuro, one of Spain’s most popular TV programmes.

Because El Hormigeuro was live, Antena 3 used an Intrasonics Real Time Watermark Encoder to enable the show’s directors to choose, at the click of a button, exactly when to insert watermark triggers. The ad-hoc watermark insertion, combined with a dynamic CMS, allowed the directors to publish new content items for triggered delivery to the app during each El Hormigeuro broadcast.

In the first 4 days from launch, there were over 200,000 downloads of the ANT3.0 app and over 2m sponsored content items were delivered to the phone screens of El Hormigeuro viewers.

Another show, Los Protegidos, gave viewers running ANT3.0 exclusive bonus content about the show and its lead characters. And with the mystery show, Luna, viewers received precisely timed clues to help solve puzzles and mysteries occurring in the programme.

Antena Tres ANT3.0

As more shows were added to the ANT3.0 stable, and with skilful promotion of app in Antena 3’s announcement slots, within the first 4 months, there were over 700,000 downloads and over 9m items of content delivered to viewers.

Cooperating Parties
Telefonica Movistar
Antena 3
7 y Acción
Ida y Vuelta
La Moderna

There’s massive potential to get closer to our viewers, and we’re delighted to be the first broadcaster in the world to be using this approach.

Francisco Sierra , Content Director, Antena 3

Increased engagement with our audiences is absolutely central to our goals. We’re blown away by the potential of content-driven interactivity.

Dante Cacciatore , Brand and Advertising Manager, Telefónica