Absynthe Minded - The Most Exclusive Video EverAudio Watermarks For Radio Station ID

Belgian band, Absynthe Minded, launched an extremely innovative campaign to drive radio plays of their latest song, “Space”. Fans of the band were invited to a special web site to watch the video of the new song but they could only see the video if the song was being played at the exact same time on one of 10 radio stations across Europe.

Ten versions of the new song were uniquely watermarked with Intrasonics audio codes and sent to 10 selected radio stations. At the band’s HQ, they set up 10 iPhones sitting next to 10 radios, with each iPhone running a special app that listened for the unique Station ID watermarks.

Whenever one of the 10 radio stations played the band’s new song, one of the iPhones picked up the audio code and sent an unlock signal to the video streaming web site, allowing fans to see the video.

The campaign was conceived by Belgian ad agency Mortier Brigade and the record label, Keremos. The Intrasonics implementation was executed by leading Belgian digital agency and app developer, Momads.

The 10 participating radio stations were: BBC Radio1 (UK), Studio Brussel (BE), 3FM (NL), OÜI FM (FR), Flux FM (DE), Yes FM, DRS Virus (CH), FM4 (AT), Radio 3 (ES) and Pure FM (BE).

Cooperating Parties
Mortier Brigade