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Intrasonics' audio watermarking technology uses sound to help you harness consumer interest when it matters most.

Synchronise apps, websites and devices with audio and video content, enabling extraordinary experiences that connect consumers with brands.
See how audio watermarking can help you.


Enhance your TV show, advert or live event with interactive experiences.


Connect with consumers at the right time to harness their interests.


Build loyalty with exclusive rewards and content.


Gain insights from your audience's exposure to advertising.

KIA "Game On"

Australian agency MNet built an app that turned viewers’ smartphones into virtual tennis racquets. Intrasonics audio watermarking technology was crucial to compensate broadcast delays and accurately time the players return shots.



We work with media agencies and brands to create amazing interactive experiences like "Solo Goodiebag".



We enable synchronised play-along and real-time interactivity like the SONY "PIXELS" Blu-ray special features.



Our hardware encoding solutions are a trusted platform for measuring audiences and enabling second-screen.



Our SDKs and cloud-based tools make integration and testing with your app super simple.

"Audio-Enable" your mobile apps and websites

Our SDKs enable your apps and websites to automatically recognise and respond to audio.

Case Studies

Some innovative uses of our technology

Our Partnerships

Just some of the brands and companies we've helped to launch successful, innovative projects...

What Our Customers Say...

"We wanted our first live and synchronous companion experience to appeal to a mainstream audience and create a real event in the living room for families across the UK – the Antiques Roadshow mobile app does just that."

"When we saw that our users were baffled about the way that the app ran in perfect sync with the television, we knew we had a hit on our hands. This created the kind of magic that gets people excited."

"The opportunities we foresee with this technology really are limitless; it enables us and our clients to take audience engagement to the next level."

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