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Second Screen Engagement

What do we mean when we talk about Second Screen TV and Companion Apps? This terminology is new and evolving fast but it's certain that very large numbers of people now hold a smartphone in their hand or have a tablet on their lap while watching shows on their big screen TV.
Second Screen & Social TV Viewing

For some people the second screen is a smartphone or tablet which they use to engage in social networking while keeping one eye on the big screen on the wall.
This kind of second screen activity is indirect. The user's activity on the second screen device may have nothing to do with the TV show they're watching, although they may be tweeting occasionally about what they're watching and how they feel about it. Or they may be running an app that automatically tells all their friends what show they're watching.
Intrasonics embedded audio code technology is ideally suited for use within apps that encourage and support the social TV viewing experience. See our section on Automatic Content Recognition for more on this application of audio code technology.
Second Screen & Companion Apps

Companion apps are apps specifically linked to a given TV show or TV service, such as news. It is widely accepted that many people run their favourite news app while watching the live news channel that publishes the news app.
Any given news story might be covered very briefly in a tightly contested news program schedule, but viewers can always drill into a news provider's app for more in-depth information and background to the story.
The biggest challenge with companion apps is to automatically synchronise the app with exactly what is being aired on the TV show for which the app is the companion. Intrasonics embedded audio codes solve the synchronisation problem by informing the app about what show is being watched and what is happening in that show.
The audio codes can be picked up by the smartphone or tablet app so that the app responds with an active call to action. Viewers can then dismiss the call to action or engage with it. It can be a simple hint to access more information or it can be a truly interactive opportunity, seeking an opinion, a rating or a vote.
See our section on Audience Participation & Playalong for more on this application of our audio code technology.
Step One:
Install our demo app on your iPhone. It's on the Apple App Store:
Click to Open iTunes & Download Euphonium
Step Two:
Run the app on your iPhone.
Step Three:
Turn on your computer speakers and see what happens when you watch one of our Demo Videos
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