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The Intrasonics Smartphone SDK

Intrasonics has now released an SDK for iOS and Android. The SDK is designed to enable customers (whether they are brands, broadcasters, agencies or app factories) to create smartphone apps, under licence, that contain the Intrasonics decoder library software and that are enabled to respond to trigger codes.
SDK Contents

Our SDK contains everything you need to build a new app or update an existing app to respond to Intrasonics audio codes embedded in your content.
  • Development Decoder Library
  • Sample Source Code
  • 3 Development Trigger Codes
  • Soundtrack Encoding Software (PC/Mac)
  • Sample Encoded Content
  • Documentation
  • One-Year Licence to 10 Exclusive Trigger Codes
  • Technical Support Package
The Decoder Library

Included in our SDK is a decoder library that can be incorporated into a new or existing smartphone app, enabling that app to pick up Intrasonics audio codes and respond in any way customers wish to define. The decoder library is a compiled binary with an API that allows the app developer to focus on programming how their apps are to respond to Intrasonics trigger codes without worrying about the mechanics of decoding.
The decoder library supplied with each SDK is a Development Library only. It consists of compiled binaries suitable for inclusion in both iOS and Android development projects. The development decoder library is pre-configured to respond only to the 3 example development codes included in the initial SDK release.
When customers are ready to start using real, exclusively licensed commercial audio codes, we allocate new codes or groups of codes to the customer and supply a new decoder library pre-configured to respond only to the codes licensed by the customer. The SDK comes with a free one-year licence to 10 exclusive trigger codes and customers who need more can request new codes at any time.
The Audio Encoding Software

When customers licence our smartphone SDK, we also supply our PC/Mac based audio code insertion software for encoding pre-prepared audio and video content.
Our encoding software is simple enough for any competent technician to use. It reads in an existing digital audio track and inserts Intrasonics audio codes according to a customer-defined XML list of codes and timepoints. The output is the same digital audio track with audio trigger codes inserted at the timepoints defined in the XML configuration scheme.
Step One:
Install our demo app on your iPhone. It's on the Apple App Store:
Click to Open iTunes & Download Euphonium
Step Two:
Run the app on your iPhone.
Step Three:
Turn on your computer speakers and see what happens when you watch one of our Demo Videos
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