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SDK & Audio Watermark Code Licensing

We are primarily a technology licencing company. This doesn’t mean that we sit on a pile of patents and simply licence those to anyone wishing to implement our inventions. We actually provide our technology packaged into a range of proven products that require minimal development effort for our customers to work with successfully.
Licencing Exclusive Audio Watermark Codes

For consumer applications such as second screen apps and interactive toys, our audio watermarks consist of a fixed number of data bits transmitted within a fixed time. These bursts of bits are what we call “codes”. It’s simpler to think of these codes as large and unique decimal numbers.
We have a spectrum of codes which we licence in small blocks to our customers on an exclusive basis so that there is never a conflict with multiple customers using the same codes.
Each watermark code we licence to a customer can be inserted into audio or audio+video content to trigger a smartphone or tablet app to respond to an event at a specific time point. Some customers require only a few of these codes, some require hundreds, depending on how many unique trigger events are needed.
Watermark Decoding

We provide a range of Software Development Kits (SDKs) designed for broadcasters, production companies, brands, agencies and app developers wishing to enable their own smartphone and tablet apps to detect and respond in various ways to audio watermark codes in broadcast TV and radio, as well as in cinema adverts and all kinds of streamed media.
Included in our SDK is a decoder library which is a compiled binary with an API that allows the app developer to focus on programming how their apps are to respond to audio watermark codes without worrying about the mechanics of decoding.
For more about our Android and iOS SDK, please see our Products section.
Watermark Encoding

Our SDKs also include PC/Mac/Linux based watermark encoding software for inserting watermark codes into pre-recorded audio and video content. The encoding software requires a special token, provided under licence, that governs which watermark codes the encoding software can insert.
Our encoding software is simple enough for any competent technician to use. It works directly with just about any digital audio or video file format and inserts audio watermark codes according to a configurable XML list of codes to insert and their insertion timepoints.
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