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KIA "Game On" app turns 200,000 smartphones into virtual tennis racquets

February 2014
This year, KIA, a longstanding major sponsorship partner of the Australian Open, wanted to find a way to rejuvenate its brand consideration levels with the TV audience of Australia's biggest sporting event.

Global media agency, Initiative, set a challenge to MNet, Australia's leading mobile solutions specialist, to come up with a way to give viewers at home an Xbox/Wii-type experience. They wanted tennis fans to feel firsthand what it's like to face a serve from a real tennis pro. And not just any tennis pro...they chose Sam Groth, the world record holder with a serve of 263kph.

The MNet creative team came up with the idea to turn viewers' smartphones into virtual tennis racquets by developing a second screen app that would interact in perfect sync with a series of 30s TV spots. The TV spots were aired many times throughout Channel 7's coverage of the Open and each one featured a different style of serve from Sam Groth, including his world record "bomb" serve.

To play, viewers simply had to run the app and stand in front of their TV screens whenever one of the KIA TV spots was aired during the Open. When Sam Groth served, viewers had to swing their phones at exactly the correct time and with the right speed and angle to return the serve. The app measured power and accuracy and players could enter their scores into a national leaderboard competition with the ultimate prize of a KIA Cerato Coupe Turbo.

To make the app interact perfectly with the tennis serves in the broadcast TV commercials, MNet chose Intrasonics to provide audio watermark triggers to synchronise the app clock precisely (to within 0.5ms). The audio watermark detection worked perfectly even with users swinging their phones around while standing in front of their TVs.

The app was downloaded 193,000 times in the first two weeks of its launch and quickly became the #1 app in the iTunes and Playstore charts. Even after the tennis Open had finished and the KIA car had been won, people from over 100 countries continued to play the game by running the app and visiting the KIA Game On YouTube Channel.

On average, players spent 15 minutes each using the app, viewing an average of 20 KIA commercials. Steve Watt, GM Marketing for KIA Australia said: "I've got people waiting to watch my ads and paying full attention, rather than just being part of a normal commercial break when people typically try to avoid ads."

Post campaign research showed that 79% of people who played the app felt more positive towards KIA and general audience consideration levels increased by 37%. Most importantly KIA test drive bookings increased by 29% YOY and actual car sales increased by 8% YOY.

MNet's creativity and inventiveness was recognized in the 2014 Mumbrella awards where they picked up the coveted "Bravery" award and were highly commended in the Innovation and Specialist categories. Travis Johnson, CEO of MNet said: "Winning the Bravery award at Mumbrella 360 helps position us at the forefront of mobile innovation."
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  KIA Game On Youtube Channel
New Antiques Roadshow playalong app stays in perfect sync using Intrasonics

January 2013
The BBC has become the latest broadcaster to use Intrasonics' groundbreaking audio-watermarking technology to transform the viewing experience, with the launch of its Antiques Roadshow app and the first transmission of a watermarked episode on 6th January. The app allows the programme's millions of fans to interact with the show and compete with each other using their mobile devices.

In the latest season of the hugely popular series, viewers can now show off their antiques knowledge - or lucky guesswork - like never before. When triggered by Intrasonics' hidden codes embedded in the broadcast audio, the app lets viewers play along with each other and compete for novice, enthusiast, connoisseur, or expert level rankings by guessing the correct valuations on their smartphone or tablet before the answers are revealed on TV. At the end of the show they get a final score and discover how much they really know.

The adoption by the BBC is the latest example of a major broadcaster incorporating Intrasonics' technology into its programmes to drive increased engagement with their audiences through the second screen. Earlier this year, Antena 3, one of Spain's top broadcasters, saw over 600,000 app downloads and more than 15 million items of content accessed in the space of just four months. Channel 4's Facejacker won "Best App" at the Broadcast Digital Awards 2012 and MTV Spain has experienced extraordinary success with its MTV Xtra/Gandia Shore app having seen 50,000 downloads since the beginning of December. Belgium's SBS and Canada's Cineflix have also used the technology with hugely impressive results.

"The Antiques Roadshow app is a great example of how a traditional TV format can be transformed by second screen," commented Luc Jonker, CEO of Intrasonics. "Viewers have been shouting out their opinions on the antiques' values since the show started 35 years ago; the new app takes this interactivity to a whole new level."

Jonker continued: "Audio watermarking represents a huge opportunity for broadcasters as it opens up the potential for a wealth of second screen opportunities to engage with audiences in a totally new way - a potential that's only limited by the creativity of the programme makers and app developers."
  See the official BBC news article on Antiques Roadshow playalong
  See Development Editor, Tom Williams' BBC blog
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MTV Spain launches second screen app for reality show Gandia Shore

November 2012
MTV Spain is pioneering second screen interaction with its smash-hit new interactive reality TV show, Gandia Shore. Using Intrasonics audio watermarking technology, MTV is engaging its 18-24 audience by granting access to exclusive content on their smartphones and tablet devices through the new MTV XTRA app.

Intrasonics' technology has been built into in the MTV XTRA app to completely transform the viewing experience. When triggered by inaudible codes embedded in the MTV broadcast, the app allows the show's millions of viewers to access a wide range of content including unseen footage, revealing interviews with the stars, backstage pictures and teasers of explosive future storylines.

Based on the US programme, Jersey Shore, and set in the Spanish town of Gandia, the programme attracted almost 5 per cent audience share for its first episode – a five-fold increase on MTV Spain's usual share. The unrivalled interactivity, enabled by Intrasonics,has proven extremely popular with MTV's target audience content - the coveted 18-24 demographic.

Jorge Conde, Mobile Services Manager at MTV Networks Iberia, said, "The launch of MTV XTRA demonstrates our clear commitment to offering our audiences innovative and high value-added services. Being able to tap into the second screen phenomenon gives our audience a deeper experience when they're watching MTV at a time when the way people consume media, and the devices through which they do so, are evolving at a rapid pace."

"MTV's tech-savvy, mobile-literate viewers are demanding more interaction with their favourite shows, and we're thrilled at being able to get them closer to heart of the action as the stars of Gandia Shore play out their controversial storylines," said Luc Jonker, CEO of Intrasonics. "With the MTV XTRA app, MTV is the latest globally-recognised broadcaster to bring Intrasonics' powerful audio watermarking technology into their broadcast chains to completely revolutionise the way people consume and interact with TV," continued Jonker. "We're opening up unlimited opportunities for richer, more dynamic TV experiences and helping brands increase interactivity, audience share and, ultimately, revenue. We're looking forward to seeing how MTV and other broadcasters across the world develop the platform to create ever more innovative shows."
Channel 4 demonstrates second screen advertising service powered by Intrasonics & Capablue

November 2012
Capablue has created a second screen advertising proof of concept for Channel 4, involving an interactive advertising application which uses the second screen to provide the broadcaster with an alternative way of showing ads and interacting with viewers.

Having developed the proof of concept in close collaboration with Channel 4, Capablue used its cloud-based Connected framework to build a plug in solution that uses Intrasonics audio watermarking to synchronise with linear broadcast. This ensures the two devices are synchronised no matter when the programme is viewed, taking into account +1 channels, time shift, PVRs, etc. Capablue also created and developed the user experience and design elements for the entire project to extend the Channel 4 corporate and channel brands to tablets and smart phones.

The proof of concept was showcased to 400 advertising and media executives at the Channel 4 Upfronts in London in November. Each was given an iPad to witness the live demonstration. They all played along to a micro game, which was part of an ad that popped up on their screens. The in game scores were fed to a live leader board.

C4 digital leader Carl Read said advertisers were hungry for joined-up opportunities. "It's important for us as a broadcaster to think about how we engage with our viewers across all screens," said Read. "In the connected world, we need to create the best TV experiences for them no matter where they are. It also enables our advertisers to engage with those viewers in a more targeted and interactive way."
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  Read full Press Release at
Capablue partners with Intrasonics to integrate audio watermarking into its Connected platform

August 2012
Capablue, specialists in connected TV solutions, has joined forces with Intrasonics to create intelligent second screen solutions that meet consumer demand for more interactive experiences and deliver additional revenues to broadcasters.

By integrating Intrasonics' technology into its Connected platform, Capablue hopes to enable broadcasters and content owners to drive audiences back to their linear programming by creating a unified viewing experience across all devices. Consumers will be able to engage directly with a programme on the TV using an interactive smartphone or tablet app with automatic content recognition and time sync. Applications include play along game shows, audience participation, loyalty and social TV viewing, interactive advertising and audience measurement.

"We all know people use companion devices to surf the Internet or social network whilst they watch TV so broadcasters are basically competing with these devices for attention," said Capablue CEO Tom Cape. "What the market needs is solutions that encourage viewers to engage with what's on the main TV rather than the unrelated content on their mobile or tablet. Intrasonics is delivering some of the most innovative solutions we've seen to date so it's great to be working with them to create solutions that can actually make that happen."
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  Read full Press Release at
Channel 4's Facejacker app wins Best App in Broadcast Digital 2012 Awards

June 2012
The Facejacker app created by Hat Trick Productions and Widebeam Digital to accompany Channel 4's new Facejacker series has won the Broadcast Digital Best App award for 2012. Widebeam Digital and Hat Trick used Intrasonics' audio watermark codes embedded in the Facejacker broadcast shows to unlock exclusive bonus content within the app. It was the first time a UK broadcaster has actively encouraged viewers to run a companion app while watching a TV show.

Total sales of the £1.49 app reached 70,000 during the six-episode first season of Facejacker, with more than 115,000 content items delivered to users' iPhones and iPads.

Commenting on the new awards categories and on the Facejacker app in particular, Lisa Campbell, Broadcast Editor said "It's indicative of the shift the TV industry is making and how innovative these projects are becoming...What's apparent is not only how entertaining this content is, but also how effective it can be in conjuring up valuable data and - that magic word - revenue."
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Intrasonics Powers new Playalong App for Canadian hit show: Instant Cash

May 2012
Cineflix and Shaw Media have launched a new interactive companion app for their Instant Cash TV show, using Intrasonics audio codes to synchronise the app with the show. The new app marks the first time North America viewers can play along with a TV series game show in real time from their mobile devices. By downloading the free Instant Cash Trivia App at and tuning into the broadcast, players can directly interact and engage with the show affording them a multiplatform gaming experience.

"The Instant Cash Trivia App is an incredible tool to increase audience engagement while watching the show," said Meredith Duncan, Head of Digital for Cineflix. "We are thrilled to collaborate with our partners at Shaw Media in offering innovative content opportunities that enhance the viewing experience."

"With more and more people using smartphones and tablets while watching TV, there is a huge opportunity for broadcasters to deliver great content that makes their shows even more engaging," said Luc Jonker, CEO of Intrasonics. "We're delighted to be helping Cineflix and Shaw Media deliver the first North American play along app, and it is a testament to its commitment to innovation that these companies are breaking new ground in TV broadcasting."

Developed in association with Shaw Media, with funding from the Quebecor Fund, the Instant Cash Trivia App tests viewers at home with a mix of trivia and challenges, just like on Instant Cash. The app also marks the first North American television use of Intrasonics' innovative second screen sync technology. The app is also available to Cineflix's international Instant Cash broadcasters.
  See the App at
Belgian band Absynthe Minded launches Most Exclusive Video Ever campaign, using Intrasonics audio watermarks

April 2012
The well-known Belgian band, Absynthe Minded, has launched an extremely innovative campaign to drive radio plays of their latest song, "Space". Fans of the band are invited to a special web site to watch the video of the new song but they can only see the video if the song is being played at the exact same time on one of 10 radio stations across Europe.

Ten versions of the new song have been uniquely watermarked with Intrasonics audio codes and sent to 10 selected radio stations. At the band's HQ, they have set up 10 iPhones sitting next to 10 radios, with each iPhone running a special app that listens out for the Intrasonics audio watermarks. Whenever one of the 10 radio stations plays the band's new song, one of the iPhones hears the audio code and sends an unlock signal to the video streaming web site, allowing fans to se the video.

The campaign was conceived by Belgian ad agency Mortier Brigade and the record label, Keremos. The Intrasonics implementation was executed by leading Belgian digital agency and app developer, Momads.

The 10 participating radio stations are: BBC Radio1 (UK), Studio Brussel (BE), 3FM (NL), OÜI FM (FR), Flux FM (DE), Yes FM, DRS Virus (CH), FM4 (AT), Radio 3 (ES) and Pure FM (BE).
  See the live video site here
Antena 3's new app ANT3.0 Reaches 200,000 Downloads in 4 days with 2m Content Items Delivered

March 2012
Spanish broadcaster Antena 3 has launched a new app, ANT3.0, for Android and iOS smartphones that combines second-screen interactivity with audio watermarking technology from Intrasonics inserted into broadcast shows and adverts. In a world first, the Antena 3 app, developed by marketing agency La Moderna, enables audiences to interact directly with TV programmes in a range of different ways.

The first show to include audio codes to trigger content delivery with ANT3.0 is the live talk show El Hormigeuro, one of Spain's most popular programmes. In the first 4 days since launch, there have been 200,000 downloads of the ANT3.0 app and over 2m sponsored content items have been delivered to the phone screens of El Hormigeuro viewers.

Francisco Sierra, Content Director at Antena 3, said: "We're delighted to be the first broadcaster in the world to be using this approach. Combining one of our top programmes, El Hormiguero, with audio watermarks will enable us to seize the opportunity to take audience engagement to the next level. We truly believe that this is just the start of a TV revolution."

As well as helping Antena 3 build new ways of engaging with its audiences, ANT3.0 will also help brands gain valuable insight into viewer behaviour and enable them to adjust their own approaches accordingly. Movistar, Spain's leading mobile operator and part of Telefonica, has become the first brand to sign up to the service.

Dante Cacciatore, Telefonica Spain Brand and Advertising Manager, said: "We're blown away by the potential of content-driven interactivity and can't wait to see the results of the technology, which we believe will deliver a level of audience understanding which is yet is unseen in broadcasting."
  Read more at (Spanish)
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Channel 4 Engages Intrasonics to Power the New Interactive Facejacker App

February 2012
Channel 4 has teamed up with Hat Trick Productions, Intrasonics and Widebeam Digital to become the UK's first terrestrial channel to launch a publicly available mobile app that uses hidden audio triggers to unlock exclusive additional content.

Enabled by Intrasonics Technology, viewers can enable the app to "listen in" on episodes of Facejacker to unlock bonus content when the new series starts on Channel 4 in the Spring.

Jody Smith, Multiplatform Commissioning Editor for Channel 4, said: "We've found a way of taking the hottest technology available right now and used it to create one of the most ridiculous apps you'll find in the app store. We hope viewers will have a lot of fun tracking down all the audio triggers. It's a novel layer on an already features-packed app."
  View the Channel 4 press release
Spanish Agency La Moderna Launches Interactive Companion App for TV using Intrasonics

February 2012
Spanish marketing agency La Moderna, based in Madrid, has launched a new app for Android and iOS smartphones that combines second-screen interactvity with Intrasonics audio watermarks inserted into broadcast TV shows and adverts.

The new app, called Interaction, opens a new paradigm for broacasters and advertisers in interactive second-screen advertising, audience participation and accurate audience behaviour analysis. The Interaction app incorporates the latest Intrasonics Software Development Kit to enable it to listen for and respond to audio watermark codes in broadcast content. Advertisers will use Intrasonics audio codes in their TV adverts to trigger direct engagement with audience members running the Interaction app, making it possible to reward audiences for watching whole adverts instead of skipping them.

For TV shows, the Interaction app will enable audience members to particpate directly with and respond to events that occur in the shows, such as live voting, joining in quizzes or simply receiving additional information and content related to the show or its subject.

The launch of the Interaction app has generated a great deal of publicity in Spain. A selection of some of these articles is available from the following links:
  Cine & Tele Online
  CineVideo Online
Intrasonics Technology Used in Second-Screen Pilot Broadcasts

November 2011
A software development kit (SDK) provided by Intrasonics was recently used by the
BBC to test the concept of "second-screen synchronisation" during a series of pilot broadcasts of the "Secret Fortune" quiz. The pilot is referred to in the following excerpt from a BBC Technical Blog by Jerry Kramskoy:

So what are we up to?
A closed pilot is running that enables a couple of hundred people to participate in the Secret Fortune Quiz through a mobile app (a hybrid of native and Web). In this game each participant uses their mobile to engage with the format of the show, answering the questions and getting scored throughout the game.

Intrasonics' SDK effectively provided the ‘audio sync plug-in' functionality which Mr Kramskoy refers to in this second blog extract:

So, a large part of our work in R&D recently has been developing an API and architecture for a framework that supports different pluggable synchronisation mechanisms, currently asymmetric, which has been deployed for the Secret Fortune pilot. This provides a simple Javascript abstraction for a content-aware service, which can be developed without concern to the physical mechanism employed. We have been exploring audio and IP-based sync plug-ins. We are adding in a symmetric sync module shortly. And we are also investigating various asymmetric technologies with regard to robustness, accuracy and intrusiveness.
  Jerry Kramskoy's full Blog
  Steve Jolly's blog
Ball State University's Center for Media Design Trials Intrasonics SDK for Interactive Television

October 2011
Ball State University (Indiana, USA) students will test a new system that syncs TV and mobile communication devices under a new partnership with Intrasonics which is making its Software Developer Kit (SDK) available to Ball State's Center for Media Design (CMD) for testing and application development. Michael Holmes, director of CMD's Insight and Research unit commented:
Applications on mobile devices are an important new form of interactive television (iTV) so it's crucial Ball State students have an opportunity to master the development tools for such apps.

Luc Jonker, CEO of Intrasonics, said Ball State was selected for the partnership due to the university's groundbreaking research in interactive television.

Ball State's Center for Media Design is one of the leading institutions exploring the future of TV, so we're naturally delighted that its talented students will be getting hands on with our technology. Intrasonics provides unrivalled interactivity between brands and their audiences. The only limit into how the technology is used to create that interactivity is the creativity of the app developers and the brands they work for. We're therefore genuinely excited to see how this new generation of students exploits this potential to shape the future of TV.
Intrasonics Launches SDK for Mobile Apps to bring New Level of Interactivity to TV

October 2011
Intrasonics is delighted to announce the launch of its software development kit (SDK) to bring a new level of interactivity to TV. The SDK allows content owners and brands to build compelling engagement with their audiences by enabling consumers to interact with the big screen using apps on the second screen.

Intrasonics is the innovative leader in a broadcast audio watermarking technology that allows this seamless interaction with mobile devices. The SDK allows brands to create mobile applications which respond to hidden codes in audio broadcasts, triggering actions on consumers' smartphones and tablets and providing vital audience data. For example, viewers now have the ability to play along on the second screen with TV quizzes or vote in contests. Brands, networks or shows can run a loyalty program that rewards loyal viewers.
  Download press release
Intrasonics Selected as Finalist in CTAM's 2nd Annual iTV Idol Competition

October 2011
Intrasonics has been shortlisted for "iTV Idol: Groundbreaking Applications" at this week's CTAM show in New York, which showcases the TV related apps with the most potential.
Luc Jonker, Intrasonics CEO, commented: "Broadcasters and advertisers across the globe are focused on increasing engagement among their audiences. Reaching the final of the CTAM iTV Idol competition is a fantastic achievement, and really demonstrates the industry need for the interactivity and insight we can deliver."
  View CTAM press release
Ipsos MediaCT launches London MediaCell panel

September 2011
Following the successful trials in London, Ipsos MediaCT is now moving on to a test panel of over 350 respondents, to passively measure their radio listening via MediaCell – Ipsos' mobile phone-based radio measurement system. MediaCell involves the insertion of encoded content by radio stations broadcast on their range of platforms, and the detection of these codes by software on smartphones. The London panel will run for a minimum of a year and will build on the existing co-operation with RAJAR.

The project will run for a minimum of 12 months and is being wholly funded by Ipsos MediaCT. It will involve the BBC, Global, Bauer, Absolute, Smooth and TalkSport stations. The project will also involve all the leading smartphone mobile operating systems (Symbian, Android, Apple iOS & RIM BlackBerry OS).
  Download press release
Intrasonics Attends Streaming Media Europe Conference

October 2010
We're proud to be exhibiting at the Streaming Media Europe conference in London on October 14 and 15. At our stand, well be demonstrating our unique technology in action and we're looking forward to
greeting a wide range of business and technology professionals from several of the markets we address, but especially from the world of online video and brand advertising.
  More about Streaming Media Europe 2010
Intrasonics Develops Mobile Radio Audience Measurement System for Ipsos MediaCT

April 2010
Ipsos MediaCT, the media, content and technology division of worldwide research group Ipsos, has begun a major field test of a new way to measure radio audiences using Intrasonics acoustic code technology.

MediaCell is a revolutionary development that utilises additional software on an existing mobile phone handset to enable it to "listen" for codes inserted by a radio station at the point of transmission and thus identify the station, platform and time. The codes themselves are digital fingerprints which are inaudible to the human ear. Respondents taking part are not required to do anything special other than carry their mobile phones, which continue to operate as ordinary phones, with them as they go about their daily business.
  Download press release
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