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Why use Codes within Audio?

Intrasonics encoding technology allows video or audio broadcast media to interact with your mobile through any audio system, capturing at the same time valuable consumer data and delivering your message or transaction directly to the handset. It is easy to deploy and use, synchronised and provides customers with a simple, fun and safe application. It is the bridge between broadcast media and mobile providing true engagement.

● Unobtrusive to the listener
● Unlocks mobile's potential as an interactive controller for media
● Free of additional hardware requirements
● Secure, safe and simple to use
● Consumer focused
Why it's Important

Media consumption is now entering its next significant phase. The traditional broadcast medium is suffering from falling audiences and advertising revenues. For web audiences, text based communications and HTML email is deemed as passive and is inherently vulnerable in terms of a company's communication and engagement strategy. The internet is moving relentlessly from a text-based information network to a media-rich graphics and video medium.
The cost of attracting visitors or subscribers to your broadcast medium is significant. Your objective centres on your ability to build engagement so that you can encourage them to interact. Intrasonics audio encoding provides the immediacy, clarity and the ability to control the tone of a message far better than any other medium.
It's your ability to communicate and engage with your audience that has a direct impact on your revenue potential either from advertisers or the conversion rates from sales. It is the Intrasonics audio encoding that provides you with the ability to interact directly with your consumers' mobile phones, deepening the engagement.
In this increasingly difficult market, companies need a competitive edge to build engagement with their audience. Only through Intrasonics encoded audio can brands uniquely leverage this dramatic change in media consumption.
How it Works

Any content that contains audio can be encoded. The Intrasonics encoder inserts your specific code into the specially created or existing content that will be broadcast. The codes are skilfully blended in to the existing audio content without having any real impact on the audible quality. Your smartphone however can pick up these codes.
Using our iOS and Android SDK you can create an Intrasonics-enabled app. When video or audio containing our audio codes is played, your app will recognise Intrasonics trigger codes and respond in any way you wish to define. Each code is unique and is allocated by Intrasonics to each specific transaction or campaign.
Step One:
Install our demo app on your iPhone. It's on the Apple App Store:
Click to Open iTunes & Download Euphonium
Step Two:
Run the app on your iPhone.
Step Three:
Turn on your computer speakers and see what happens when you watch one of our Demo Videos
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