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Intrasonics will help you engage directly with your target consumers using broadcast audio and video. By using Intrasonics audio codes hidden in broadcast media, you can interact directly with an individual's most personal electronic device, their mobile phone.
Enabling mobile Interaction through Broadcast Audio & Video

Advertising on TV and radio is still the most reliable way to build and sustain consumer brands. Online advertising remains a risky strategy, despite the promise of direct interaction if only your target consumers would click on your banner ad. But brands now realise that most Internet users went "banner-blind" years ago.
Getting airtime on TV and radio is expensive but it works. The same is true of show adoption and sponsorship. So, how do you make broadcast advertising work in the traditional sense but at the same time gain direct interaction and engagement with individual consumers?
The answer lies in smart phone apps and intelligent campaigns designed to make the most of the little computers we all now carry in our pockets. With Intrasonics technology and a little of what ad agencies do best -- creative thinking -- brands can win on both fronts. Broadcast reach combined with direct consumer engagement.
Smartphone Apps are now Universal

The way some brands have embraced apps as a means to extend their reach, increase loyalty and, in some cases, generate direct revenue is impressive. It has taken some brave creative agencies armed with some very compelling statistics to kick-start this, but the ball is now rolling.
The smartphone app, when correctly executed for the given brand, is an above- and below-the-line double winner.
Connecting Apps with Broadcast Airtime

Intrasonics technology is unique. With it, you can use airtime on TV and radio to trigger a direct and personal interaction with individuals in your target market.
A simple scenario is this: Brand "B" wants to convey a new message or promotional offer to consumer "C", something that will encourage C to act, to initiate a dialogue, an interaction that harvests a sale or a sign-up or even just an enquiry.
So brand B develops and launches a smartphone app that may do a range of things but the app also has an Intrasonics watermark decoder. Brand B then runs an airtime campaign that ostensibly promotes a product or service. Hidden in the audio track of the advert is an Intrasonics code that can be detected by the app on C's smartphone and that can trigger an action within the app. When this happens, C will do what we all do when our phones wants our attention: pick it up and look at it. C will see new content (the offer) on their phone, content that is framed within B's app. If C is interested, B and C can then engage in depth.
Step One:
Install our demo app on your iPhone. It's on the Apple App Store:
Click to Open iTunes & Download Euphonium
Step Two:
Run the app on your iPhone.
Step Three:
Turn on your computer speakers and see what happens when you watch one of our Demo Videos
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