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ACR Applications

Automatic Content Recognition is fast becoming a very big issue in the entertainment industry. Intrasonics has an extensive history and track record using our embedded audio code technology to enable smartphone apps to uniquely identify a broadcast show. And we don't just identify the show or the particular episode, we identify the precise timepoint that the viewer has reached within that show, whether watching or listening live or via a catch-up service.
ACR for Social TV Applications

Social TV is a combination of private TV viewing and social networking. People like to share their thoughts about what they're watching on the big screen TV with their social networks using second screen devices.
If you can program a smartphone or tablet app to recognise exactly what shows users of your app are watching, you can assist and monitor Social TV viewing behaviour.
With Intrasonics embedded audio codes and with the Intrasonics SDK for iOS and Android, you can create apps that recognise and respond to broadcast content in any way you want.
Watermarking vs. Fingerprinting

Our embedded audio codes are a form of watermarking. Apps that respond to or recognise content containing Intrasonics audio codes need only to listen for the codes as audio watermarks.
Another way to recognise audio content is known as fingerprinting. With fingerprinting, original content can be recognised by performing an analysis of the characteristics of the audio waveforms and by comparing those characteristics with a large reference library of pre-indexed content.
Fingerprinting can only work if the reference library is kept up to date. This means gaining access to new broadcast content before it is first broadcast in order to add it to the reference library.
With watermarking techniques, there is no need to create or licence from a 3rd party a vast and ever-growing library of reference fingerprint patterns for all the content you might want an app to recognise.
And with Intrasonics encoding software or real-time live broadcast encoding hardware, adding audio code watermarks to content you control can become a seamless addition to the production workflow.
Step One:
Install our demo app on your iPhone. It's on the Apple App Store:
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Step Two:
Run the app on your iPhone.
Step Three:
Turn on your computer speakers and see what happens when you watch one of our Demo Videos
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